A personal message from Simon

My strong professional drive is to provide sound financial plans for my clients so they may enjoy their lives and not have financial problems interfere.  However, money cannot buy happiness, quality of life or piece of mind.  For this reason,we have chosen to financially support Basildon Wellness, a comprehensive wellness center for the local community.


I have personally benefitted tremendously from striving to obtain a well balanced life.  By improving areas of my life that fall into the “wellness” category (fitness, diet, positive outlook, belief in a greater purpose), I have been able to acquire happiness, quality of life and peace of mind that money simply cannot buy.


I invite you to explore many of the free educational classes at Basildon Wellness is able to offer through our support.  Take what you like, leave the rest, find what works for you.  Basildon Wellness is open to all walks of life and does not discriminate in it’s offerings or support of practitioners or attendees.  We respect, honor and support all beliefs knowing that we are really all one people.


It is my sincere hope that your life is enriched by what Basildon Wellness provides.  Please click here to go to the Basildon Wellness site and discover a great community and wonderful tools to support a better life for you, however you may define it.

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